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The Essential College Supplies List for Parents

Back to College Must-Haves: A Guide for Parents The College Supplies Your Kids Really Need Start off by taking inventory […]

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16 Questions to Ask Before Renting an Apartment

What to Ask When Renting an Apartment Renting an apartment is a big decision for anyone. Since most apartment rentals […]

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10 Free & Cheap Things to Do with Kids This Summer

Inexpensive Summer Activities for Kids of All Ages The sun is out – just like school! – which means it’s […]

What To Do When Your Home’s HVAC is Not Working

Ask a Contractor: What Do I Do if My HVAC Stops Working? During both the scorching, sweltering heat of summer […]

Spring Yard Work & Gardening Checklist for 2022

The Complete Spring Yard To-Do List for Your Home Spring is back in full swing, which means it’s time for […]

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Read This Before Combining Your Finances After Marriage

What Married Couples Should Consider Before Combining Finances Four steps to managing your money as a couple. The knot has […]

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12 Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding

Get the dream wedding you deserve with smart wedding budget planning and more Getting married? Congratulations! But even though you’re […]

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas & How to Keep Them

Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas The New Year has come and gone, which means the new year’s resolutions we’ve […]

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8 Unique Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Let’s cozy up to new ideas for comfort. If the weather outside is frightful — or maybe just a little […]

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The Annual Cost to Own a Dog. Can you Afford It?

How much is that doggie in the window? A lot more than you may think. What’s more idyllic than a […]

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How to Negotiate a Car Price

4 car buying tips to get the best deal. Got a case of new-car fever? It can really make you […]

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It’s time to gather again. Tips for hosting a holiday party safely and deliciously.

Yes! We can finally gather again for the holidays if we take a few precautions. And those precautions are well […]

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Haunted by home improvement needs? There’s a loan for that.

Let’s take the scariness out of selecting a home improvement loan. Boo! That first hint of winter chill can send […]

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5 Ways to Budget for the Average Cost of School Supplies

How to pay for elementary, middle school, high school, and college student expenses without breaking the bank New parents quickly […]

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5 tips to sell your house for a great price

Selling your home? Prep it for a fast sale with these key strategies   Selling your home takes a lot […]

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Build your vacation savings for travel with smart saving strategies.

Dreaming about a bucket-list vacation, but not sure where to start in turning that dream into a reality? With the […]

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How to avoid used car expenses and save cash on repairs

Smart strategies to identify car maintenance issues when shopping for a used car. Everyone needs a reliable car for commuting […]

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How to ease your winter blues.

10 simple ways to help alleviate seasonal depression. Wow, this winter has really done a number on us. Current events […]

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How to plan for funeral expenses. The subject no one wants to talk about (but everyone should).

When we lose a loved one, we find ourselves in a state of emotional turmoil. No matter the situation, we […]

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Pet Emergencies: The high cost of medical care.

5 ways to prepare for emergency veterinary care When a pet comes into our lives, whether by purchase, adoption, or […]

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Winterize your car: a how-to guide to keep it running in the cold.

A few tips to prep your car for the winter months. Here comes the chill. Even our cars are beginning […]

Simple (and low-cost) projects to fix up your home for the holidays.

Simple (and low-cost) projects to fix up your home for the holidays. 3 gifts for your home and you. The […]

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6 tips when budgeting for the holidays

When it comes to budgeting for the holidays, it’s all about personal finance. Learn when to start saving, what holiday […]

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15 ways to lower your energy bills.

While temps are high, it’s good to look for ways to bring energy usage down. Taking a few steps during […]

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How to protect yourself from COVID-19 fraud and scams

Red flags for COVID-19 scams: Beware of any selling products claiming they can prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19. Currently, […]

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Home office ideas: 4 ways to get started

How to make “working from home” work for you. The home workplace has been a growing trend for decades. In […]

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7 Tips for the Perfect Staycation

Fun ideas to enjoy vacation time from the comfort of your own home. Ever think of your home as a […]

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Smart tips for saving money while stocking your pantry

A well-stocked pantry can save money, time, and stress. “And when she got there, the cupboard was bare” is perhaps […]

Are you an easy target for identity theft?

Between cyber-attacks at banks, credit agencies, hospitals, and old-fashioned dumpster diving, your sensitive personal information could be more at risk […]