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Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas & How to Keep Them

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

The New Year has come and gone, which means the new year’s resolutions we’ve made may have lost some of their luster as the pull of our daily routines has kicked back in. Don’t worry – we’ve all flubbed our New Year’s resolutions plenty of times.

Here’s the thing. Most people make New Year’s resolutions and abandon them pretty quickly. But it’s not because of lack of effort or ideas. Sometimes, it’s just tough to know how to keep a New Year’s resolution when the benefits seem so far away.

Today, let’s do something different. Let’s break down 10 of the best New Year’s resolution ideas for 2022 and go over their major upsides.

Get that beach bod by summer

It might be a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile! When you look good, you feel good. So consider taking advantage of the special offers your local gym is probably advertising and hit the treadmill.

But don’t quit after two weeks! This year, follow some fitness gurus online or put together a personal workout routine so you can burn carbs and build muscle like you mean business all year long.

Quit social media

Let’s face it – even though it’s fun engaging with friends and family over social media, it does a number on your mental health. You might consider quitting social media entirely, deleting your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts.

Odds are you’ll spend more time with the people you love, doing things that really matter, without Instagram pinging your phone 24/7.

Start – and keep! – a savings plan

Physical and mental health are important, but so is financial health. The average American doesn’t have even $1000 in their savings account. In the event of a rainy day, it can be tough to scrape together the cash you need to pay for medical bills, car repairs, and more.

With that in mind, you could make a New Year’s resolution to start up a savings plan and reach a goal – say, $1000! Set goals like this, and you might find it even easier to save than you initially thought. Who knows? Maybe you’ll save up enough dough to take a fancy trip or treat yourself next Christmas.

Bump up your credit score

Want to buy a house or get a better car this year? You can set yourself up for serious financial success by making a New Year’s resolution to improve your credit score.

Your credit score can affect your financial options significantly, including the:

Completing a New Year's resolution long-term goal of improving credit score

Credit score not too impressive? Not to worry; there are multiple smart strategies you can leverage this year to bump up your credit score big time. Things like paying your utility bills on time, debt consolidation loans and credit building loans can all contribute to sending your credit score sky-high.

Knock out your debt

Debt can hang over our heads and ruin the year’s plans if we aren’t careful. If the shadow of debt is bringing you down this New Year’s Eve, turn the tables and promise to pay off your debt one way or another.

This healthy New Year’s resolution can be achieved through:

Any financial goal is achievable with the right mindset. If you need advice or assistance finding a great debt consolidation loan, Regional Finance may be able to help.

Take that trip you’ve always wanted

Speaking of fancy trips, your New Year’s resolution might be something along the lines of, “I want to see a place I’ve never been!” If that sounds exciting, rest assured there is a way to make it happen.

If you want to take your trip sooner rather than later, you don’t have to save up all the cash you need. Instead, you can check out an affordable and manageable travel loan from your friends at Regional Finance.

Completing a New Year's resolution of taking a vacation with travel ticket in hand

Travel loans are easier to manage compared to credit cards since their rates never change and you’ll know exactly how long your loan will take to pay off. With a stable, predictable vacation payment plan, you can treat yourself and your family now and keep your finances secure at the same time – everyone wins!

Donate to charity

Sometimes the best way to enjoy life is to give to others through acts of kindness. Folks with a generous New Year’s spirit ought to pledge to donate to charity in 2022 and beyond.

Donating to charitable organizations is great for your community, for your spirit, and even for the planet, depending on which organization you choose. Plus, some charitable donations can even result in tax breaks and save you money in the long run if you had a particularly profitable 2021.

Quit a bad habit

No one’s perfect, but we could all do with one or two fewer bad habits. If you’re on a self-improvement kick, why not make this year’s New Year’s resolution a personal goal to send one of those bad habits packing?

For example, you could promise to floss every night instead of once in a while. Or you might promise to give your mom and dad a call more frequently (since you know they appreciate it!). The more bad habits you kick to the curb, the happier you’ll be in 2022.

Learn a new skill or hobby

Each new year is an opportunity to grow in more ways than one. How about making a New Year’s resolution to learn a brand-new skill or hobby, especially one that can introduce you to fun new people?

Not sure what to choose? How about learning to:

Spend time with loved ones

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t discount each moment we spend with those we love. Maybe this year we all ought to promise to spend more time with our friends and family members. This New Year’s resolution is a great pick if you just want to do right by yourself and the people most important to you.

The key to keeping your resolution

When setting long-term goals of any kind, there are two major ingredients: mindset and goal tracking.

Your mindset is important because it sets the tone for your New Year’s resolution efforts. Tell yourself again and again that you’ll succeed in your goal, even if it seems tough. It’ll be much harder to sustain your energy all year long if you expect to fail right out of the gate.

Need a good way to improve your mindset? Track your progress. Create a journal or use an app to see how close you get to your goal each day. Mark off your progress as often as possible. Nothing keeps you more motivated than seeing your effort pay off day after day.

Imagine working out to lose weight by using a fitness app. Or help yourself reach a financial goal by checking your savings account balance each day after putting $20 inside. Bottom line: you can achieve your goal, whatever it is, by fostering a healthy mindset and tracking your progress.

Trying any of these New Year’s resolution ideas is the best way to leap into 2022 with the right energy. Whether you want to prioritize mental health, financial wellness, or just enjoy some fun experiences, a positive mindset is key to your first big win of the new year. Good luck!

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