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Your Guide on How to Throw a Backyard BBQ

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Throw the Ultimate Backyard BBQ Party

Summer sunshine is here, which means it’s time to make use of your backyard by inviting your friends and family over. There’s only one way to enjoy a backyard cookout: barbecue! Get ready to fire up the grill, play some music, and chow down.

What’s that? You’ve never thrown a backyard barbecue party before? Good news – you can read on for a long list of backyard BBQ ideas. By the end, you’ll have some fun plans of your own.

Decorating for the BBQ party

Just like all parties, a barbecue bash needs the right ambiance. That means decorating your backyard space for fun and friends.

There’s a lot you can do to decorate for a barbecue party, but remember that it’s summer. You and your guests are likely to stay outdoors chatting and eating well into the night. So, it’s a good idea to hang string lights around the back porch and yard or place tiki torches around the yard (which will also help fight off bugs).

When it comes to decorating your backyard for a BBQ party, get creative. For example, you can hang strings of lights shaped like chili peppers or industrial-style lightbulbs around your dinner space. Set up a few signs with directions leading guests from the front door to the backyard, and tie balloons on your mailbox or door handle if you’re inviting guests that haven’t been to your home before to help them locate it.

You can go above and beyond and add a ceiling fan to your patio, purchase an electric outdoor air conditioner or repaint your fence so that it looks brand-new by the time the BBQ party rolls around. Backyard renovations and upgrades are more financially accessible than you might think.


Food, furniture, and fun!

Above all else, though, planning a successful backyard barbecue means focusing on the three “Fs”: food, furniture, and fun things to do. Let’s break down how to master each element.

Backyard BBQ Food ideas

Food is, by far, the most important part of a backyard barbecue. After all, it’s in the name! No matter whether you have a charcoal grill or are planning on buying a new gas grill, there’s plenty of party food ideas to fire up. If you’re stuck thinking of BBQ menu ideas, take a few mental bites out of this sample list.


Furniture for your BBQ

Good food is only part of a successful BBQ get-together. You also need to provide your guests with plenty of places to sit. If your BBQ party starts in the afternoon, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough shade to shield your guests from the sweltering summer sun, too.

If you already own outdoor furniture, excellent. If not, this could be the perfect opportunity to get some. If you’re working with what you’ve got, set out a selection of chairs and a fold-out table or two, if you don’t own enough seats for the number of guests you invited, you can lay out blankets picnic-style as an additional option. For added decorative flair, place a colorful tablecloth over the table and set up a few citronella candles. The candles will be extra appreciated if you and your guests stay out and continue the party past sundown.

Before the day of your BBQ party, try to get an estimate of how many guests you should expect to entertain in your backyard. That way, you can get the correct number of tables and chairs ready before everyone arrives, plus plan how much food to cook.


Fun things to do

The last “F” on the backyard barbecue party success list is offering fun activities. Sure, odds are most of your guests will happily spend their time chowing down on delicious grilled BBQ and chatting with each other. But summer is the season of activity, and you and your friends might want to get up and move around (if only to work off a few calories!). Here are some great backyard party game ideas to help you plan for your get-together.

Lawn games

Provided you have the backyard space, set up a few lawn games before your guests arrive. Some of our favorite backyard games include cornhole, horseshoes, and giant Jenga. If you have the wall space, darts also are a fun option.


If you have a swimming pool behind your house encourage guests to take a dip. Let them know beforehand so that they know to bring towels and swimsuits. Just remember to keep the BBQ out of the water, or you’ll have a less-than-fun experience cleaning your pool filter!

Music in the backyard

Music helps set the vibe at any barbecue party, so bring a boombox or wireless speaker outdoors. Find or create the perfect playlist ahead of time or allow guests to rotate picking songs to keep them engaged. Alternatively, pick up a karaoke machine and invite BBQ party attendees to show off their pipes. Consider sweetening the deal by offering extra delicious leftovers to the winner of a karaoke contest!

Throw the best BBQ party of the summer

Summer’s wonderful while it lasts, but it never lasts forever. What better way to enjoy the long days and warm weather than to invite people you love to a barbecue celebration? Now that you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, there’s no doubt that you can throw the best backyard BBQ party of the season. And if you end up with leftovers- call us!

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