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Frequently Asked Questions
Payment Questions
How do I make a payment?

There are several ways to make a payment. Please choose the most convenient option for you.
Online: Make payments, set up AutoPay and manage your account quickly and easily online.
Click here to Register. Click here to login now.
By Phone: You can pay by debit card or electronic funds transfer from your bank account over the phone by calling your local branch.
At your Neighborhood Branch: Our loan specialists are happy to set up AutoPay OR accept your cash, check or money order payment during branch hours. Click here to find a branch close to home or work.
By Mail: You can mail your check or money order to your local branch. Click here to find your branch address.

Can I make my payment at another Regional Finance branch?

Yes, you can make a payment at any conveniently located Regional Finance branch.

Does Regional Finance charge a convenience fee for accepting phone payments, whether by Debit Card or by ACH draft from my checking account?

No. Regional Finance does not charge convenience fees for phone payments.

Does Regional offer payment protection plans and insurance?

Yes. We offer life, disability, involuntary unemployment, personal property and auto single interest coverages. (Exclusions and limitations apply and vary by state).

I made my regular payment, why does the receipt show a balance still owed?

You may have been assessed a fee that had not been paid prior to your current payment. Payments are applied to your loan in the following order:

  • Unpaid fees (late payment, NSF, payment deferral, etc.)
  • Interest owed
  • Principal

Why was I charged a Late Fee?

A late fee is assessed when your payment was not made before the end of the payment grace period or your payment was returned for insufficient funds. You can find information about your payment due date, late fee amount, and grace period in the Truth in Lending Disclosures section of your loan contract.
Details about returned payment fees (NSF) are located in the Dishonored Payment section of your loan contract.

What happens if I miss a payment?

You may incur a late fee if you do not make your payment within the stated grace period. You can find details about your late fee on the first page of your loan contract, inside the Federal Truth in Lending Disclosures area.

If you miss a payment or you think you will miss an upcoming payment, please call your local branch to discuss your options with one of our loan specialists.

How can I request a change to my payment due date?

To request a change to your payment due date, visit your local branch to fill out the required paperwork. Limitations may apply.

Can I lower my monthly payments?

We need to evaluate your unique situation to determine if you qualify for lower monthly payments. Please contact your local branch for more information.

Can I make a future dated payment?

You can make a future dated payment in Online Account Management. In the Make a Payment process, click on the date field and select a date from the calendar. Don’t have Online Account Management yet? Register Today to get started.

Also, you can make a future dated payment by contacting your local branch. If paying by Debit Card or an ACH draft from your checking account, you are able to set-up a payment for up to 20 days in the future, provided the selected date is not after your payment’s due date. A check payment cannot be dated in the future.

How do I request a payoff amount for my loan?

Call your local branch to obtain your payoff amount. Payoffs for loans can only be made through your local branch.

Can I set up AutoPay (automatic monthly payments)?

Yes you can sign-up for AutoPay by registering for Online Account Management.

  • Log in to Regional Finance Online Account Management
  • Click on Make Payment for the account you want to pay
  • Select or set up a new Payment Source
  • Click on the AutoPay tab
  • Click the Check box to Enable AutoPay
  • AutoPay will start on your next payment due date

You will receive a confirmation email once the setup of AutoPay is complete.

Please Note: AutoPay will cease upon certain events.

  • Before the last two loan payments. You will be responsible for making the last two monthly payments. You will receive an email reminder prior to the turn off of AutoPay.
  • If you defer a payment.
  • If you request a different payment due date.
  • Payments were returned due to insufficient available funds in your account.
  • If you renew your loan; because, your new loan will have a different loan number, payment due date and payment amount.

Don’t have Online Account Management yet? Register Today to get started.

How do I cancel AutoPay?

To cancel AutoPay, you need to follow these steps.

  • Log in to Online Account Management
  • Select your Account with AutoPay.
  • Go to Payment Sources from the Make Payments tab.
  • Delete the Payment Source used for your account with AutoPay.

OR call your local branch.

What does One-Time Payment mean?

In Online Account Management, One-Time Payment indicates that a Payment or a Payment source will be used only once for a single payment.

Why can’t I make an “Other Payment” for less than my regular payment?

In Online Account Management, if your account is past due, you will need to make the minimum required payment as displayed on the Account Details page. You will then be allowed to make other payments for less than the regular payment amount. Remember that weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payment options are available – allowing you to select the best payment frequency for your budget.

I’m having trouble with my Payment Source; what’s wrong?

In Online Account Management, there could be several causes for issues with your Payment Source.

  • We only accept Debit Cards or a checking account as a payment sources in Online Account Management.
    • Credit Card numbers will be rejected.
    • Confirm the routing number is correct.
  • Our merchant account partner validates each Payment Source. If you feel there is an error and your Payment Source is valid, please contact Customer Support at (844) 303-3980.

If you want to save your payment source information for future payments, please check the “Save this information for future payments” check box.

You can also update your Payment Source if you want to change it or if it has expired. Click on the “Update” button to update the information.

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