Terms of Use
You authorize us to use your personal and nonpublic confidential information in any manner consistent with our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”). You have reviewed and acknowledge receipt of the Privacy Policy, a link to which is posted on this web page, and agree to electronic delivery of the Privacy Policy.

You certify that all the information you provide in connection with the transaction is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You expressly authorize us to obtain a credit report and to perform a search and analysis of certain federal- and state-required databases as well as other commercial or proprietary databases to evaluate your creditworthiness and to verify your identity.

At the time you complete and submit an application for credit you authorize verification of the truthfulness of all information you have provided to us, including verification of income and employment status. You expressly authorize contact with any person or company you have identified to us only to verify any of the information provided or to leave a non-detailed message for you. You understand that you may be required to provide identification or personal documents for final loan approval that confirm your identity once your application is submitted. ANY false statement made by you shall be sufficient basis for denial and/or rejection of credit for your application. You understand that we will retain your application and the information provided as our property whether or not the application for credit is approved.

You understand that you may be required to sign an Arbitration Agreement and/or Alternative Dispute Resolution and Limitation of Damages and Remedies Agreement upon final loan closure. You also understand that you may be required to offer specific articles which you legally own as collateral to secure your loan and that you may be required to provide physical evidence of the collateral for appraisal at final loan closure.

You agree that we may from time to time make telephone calls and send text messages to you in order for us to:

  • service your accounts;
  • collect any amount you may owe; or
  • discuss our relationship, products and services with you.

The ways we may call you include using prerecorded/artificial voice messages and/or through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system. The ways we may send text messages to you include through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system. We may call you and send text messages to your telephone number, including mobile/cellular telephone numbers that could result in charges to you.

Unless you give us separate, express permission, we will not use an automatic telephone dialing system to make telemarketing calls or send marketing text messages to your mobile/cellular telephone numbers and will not use an artificial or prerecorded voice to deliver telemarketing messages to your mobile/cellular telephone or wired residential telephone. You do not have to give us permission in order to apply for or qualify for any loan.

Communications may be sent electronically by us to you (i) by transmitting the Communication to any email or other electronic address that you provide to us, or (ii) by posting the Communication on a website and sending you a notice to your email or other electronic address telling you that the Communication has been posted, its location, and providing instructions on how to access it. Communications sent electronically to you will be effective when the Communication, or a notice advising of its posting to a website, is sent to your email or other electronic address.

By clicking “I Agree,” you are:

  • Consenting to the use of electronic records and signatures in connection with this Transaction;
  • Confirming that you have read the ESIGN Consent Disclosure and Terms of Use, have the hardware and software described above, that you are able to receive and review electronic records, and that you have an active email account and the ability to access and view PDF files;
  • Agreeing to the Terms of Use; and
  • Confirming that you are authorized to, and do, consent and agree on behalf of all of your co-applicants and co- borrowers who participate in this Transaction.